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Architectural Services G5 Provides


Whether you are building new, renovating or simply in the dreaming phase, G5 architecture is able to assist you with:

  • ▶︎ Construction Administration

  • ▶︎ Consulting

  • ▶︎ Feasibility Studies

  • ▶︎ Interior Design

  • ▶︎ LEED Certification

  • ▶︎ Master Plan Development

  • ▶︎ Needs Assessment and Evaluation

  • ▶︎ Obtaining State and Local Permits

  • ▶︎ Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical Drawings

  • ▶︎ Site Selection

  • ▶︎ Structural Design

What G5 Does for You:


Initial Meeting

  • Brainstorm with you – what do you need and want in your project? Discuss budget, schedule, and building location


Preliminary Design

  • Provide you with design options

       Design Development

  • Further development of the project, including structural, mechanical and lighting systems.


Construction Documents

  • Working drawings and written specifications are produced for contractors bids as well as state permit use



  • You may choose your contractor or G5 will work with contractors to submit bids for your review


Construction Administration

  • G5 will lead meetings with the owner and contractors to discuss all aspects of the building process and will observe construction of the project until completion

  • If changes are made during construction, G5 will work with you to pre-approve any charges before the work begins. Contractor invoices will be reviewed by us and approved by you.

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